Inference of Protein Assembly in Crystals
A repository for protein quaternary structures inferred from crystals using classification and symmetry

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Crystallographic Information

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Assembly Information

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The repository contains quaternary structures of proteins in crytalline state as inferred by IPAC (Mitra & Pal).

Our database is continuously updated using all X-ray derived protein-ONLY entries from the Protein Data Bank (PDB). Out of these some PDBs with cubic point group symmetry and errors are excluded.

Inform us if your protein-ONLY (PDB) entry has still not been computed and stored in our database, OR, you have located an error that requires our attention.

Last Updated: July, 2012.
Database entries: 51,048.
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Please cite if you use this database:
Mitra, P. & Pal, D. Combining Bayes classification and point group symmetry under Boolean framework for enhanced protein quaternary structure inference. Structure. 19(3):304-312, Mar 2011.     PubMed