Program: National Seminar-cum-Workshop on Bioinformatics, March 1-2, 2006
Hosted by Centre of Excellence, Bioinformatics Centre, IISc. Bangalore

March 1, 2006
8:30-9:00 AMRegistration Material Distribution
Session IChoksi Hall
9:00-9:30IntroductionProf. S. Ramakumar, Chairman Bioinformatics Centre
9:30-10:30 Structure and Interactions of Proteins: A case study involving plant lectins. (Plenary Lecture)Prof. M. Vijayan
10:30 - 11:00Coffee Break
Session IIChoksi Hall
11:00-11:45SPINE: Putting Backbone into String Indexing.Prof. Jayant Haritsa
11:45-12:30Relating protein families in sequence space through
multiple intermediates and artificially designed sequences
Prof. N. Srinivasan
12:30-1:15Bioinformatics Analysis of Conformation of ProteinsProf. M. R. N. Murthy
Session III Demonstration/Lecture Session@SERC #102
2:15-3:30Protein Data Bank and Internet Computing ToolsDr. K. Sekar
3:30-4:00Coffee Break
4:00-5:00Sequence Analysis by GCGProf. S. Ramakumar

March 2, 2006
Session IChoksi Hall
9:00-9:45A graph representation of non-covalent interactions in proteins.Prof. Saraswathi Vishveshwara
9:45-10:30Analysis of Carbohydrate RecognitionDr. Nagasuma Chandra
10:30 - 11:00Coffee Break
Session IIChoksi Hall
11:00-11:45Promoter Identification in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes: Similarities and Differences in their Structural FeaturesProf. Manju Bansal
11:45-12:30Atomic Level Simulations of Seeman DNA Nanostructures: the Paranemic Crossover in Salt SolutionDr. Prabal Maiti
Session III Demonstration/Lecture Session @SERC #102
2:00-3:30Cambridge Database and Search AlgorithmsDr. Debnath Pal
3:30-4:00Coffee Break
4:00-4:30Distribution of Participant CertificatesOrganizers
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