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The dockYard is a repository of protein-protein docking decoys. The main purpose of dockYard is to aid researchers involved in developing scoring function for protein-protein docking, by actually providing them with a large set of docking decoys. The intention is to significantly reduce the burden of computation, otherwise required to generate these decoys first hand in silico. dockYard supplies initial coordinates and transformation matrices using which user can generate all the docking decoys in his/her system locally without implementing/installing docking search algorithms. The search page of dockYard helps to screen for docking decoys using various parameters, including UniRef and SCOP.
If you want to contribute your docking decoys, please submit your data.
How to cite:
       Mitra, P. & Pal, D. dockYard - a repository to assist modeling of protein-protein docking. J Mol Model. 17(3):599-606, Mar 2011.      [PubMed]
Last modified: Dec, 2010.