If you want to contribute your docking decoys then please email your data to us.

The dockYard is a repository of protein-protein docking decoys. The main purpose of dockYard is to facilitate the design of protein-protein docking scoring functions. The intention is to expedite the testing of scoring functions over a large high quality (high resolution, low R-value, less stereo-chemical errors, etc.) set of protein complexes. dockYard supplies initial coordinates and transformation matrices using which user can generate all the docking decoys in his/her system locally without implementing/installing docking search algorithms.

In order to maintain the quality of the dataset we require you to submit your data by email. Please attach the initial coordinates of two subunits and the transformation matrices for each PDB coordinates, along with a short description of how the decoys can be generated. Since dockYard is a repository of rigid body docking decoys, the initial coordinates and the three translational and three rotational degrees of freedom are required to generate the docking decoys.

Your data will be uploaded to dockYard website after few housekeeping tasks which include assigning of parameters and RMSD values corresponding to each docking decoys. We will inform you after successful upload of your data into dockYard. The REMARK section of the data will contain the names of the contributors.

Last modified: Dec, 2010.