Help CGMM forcefield # Archived trajectories: 5264
A webserver to find dynamics match for protein molecular function. The server infers protein molecular function by identifying the segment of a given protein whose coarse-grained dynamics matches with the archived information in the "DynFunc" protein dynamics database.
Submit your input PDB file with representative frames from dynamics trajectory for analysis below and input RMSF file with RMSF value of each Cα atom calculated from dynamics trajectory. The input PDB file should contain only Cα atom coordinates and have at least 11 models. For further information, please look at the HELP pages.
Input PDB file format: PDB with '.pdb' extension (example.pdb)
Input RMSF file format: '.txt' extension (example_rmsf.txt)

Enter PDB File
(Only Cα atoms and 11 frames):
Enter RMSF File
(RMSF of each residue in a column):
Bhadra P. and Pal D. De novo inference of protein function from coarse-grained dynamics. Proteins: Struct. Func. Bioinf. 82:2443-2454 (2014) [link]
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