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 WebGeSTer DB 
WebGesTer Database (DB) is the largest compilation of intrinsic terminators of transcription. It comprises of >2,200,000 bacterial terminators identified from a total of 2036 chromosomes and 1508 plasmids. The database is the storehouse for algorithm WebGeSTer which can search and identify intrinsic terminators in any completely sequenced bacterial genome. In the database, users will find information about structural parameters of individual terminators such as sequence, length of stem and loop, mismatches and gaps, U-trail, genomic coordinates and gene name and accession number in both tabular form and as a composite figure.

Summary statistics for terminator profiles of whole genome can be also obtained. Raw data files for individual genomes can be downloaded (.zip files) for detailed investigations.

Data is organized into different tiers such that users can fine-tune their search by entering name of the species, or taxon ID or genomes with a certain number of terminators.

To visualize the occurrence of the terminators, an interactive map, with the resolution to single gene level, has been developed.

Several "Help" pages provide the user with the details of all files and pages and also list the acronyms used in the various files.

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