Current Members Alumni Members

Group Leader
Debnath Pal
Email: dpal@iisc.ac.in
Phone: +918022932901
Research: Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Omics, Methods and Algorithms, Drug Discovery

Research Scientist
Chandan Raychaudhury
Email: chandanrc53@yahoo.co.in
Phone: +918025930533
Research: Mathematical Chemistry, Cheminformatics and Computer-Aided Drug Design

Ph.D. Student
Dibyajyoti Maity
Email: dibyajyotim@iisc.ac.in
Research: Molecular dynamics of proteins
Swati Gupta
Email: swatigupta@iisc.ac.in
Research: Intrinsic transcription termination in prokaryotes
Sachendra Kumar
Email: sachendrak@iisc.ac.in
Phone: NULL
Research: Computational Biology, Data Analytics, Molecular Dynamics
Niladri Ranjan Das
Email: niladrid@iisc.ac.in
Phone: NULL
Research: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance based structure solution
Deepa Mahesvare
Email: deepam@iisc.ac.in
Phone: NULL
Research: Dynamics of Complex Networks, Systems Biology, Disease Modelling, Biological transport processes, Kinetic Modelling, Biochemical pathways, Multi-omics data, analysis,Diabetes, Inter-organ transport
Shankararama Sharma R
Email: shankararama@iisc.ac.in
Phone: +919743326988
Research: Machine Learning, Metabolomics

Project Investigator
Somedatta Pal
Email: somedatta.sp@gmail.com
Research: Molecular dynamics, protein-protein docking
Sangita Kumari
Email: sangita.bioinfo@gmail.com
Phone: NULL
Research: Genomics, Database Development and System Biology

Project Assistant
Abhirami Thumsi
Email: NULL
Phone: NULL
Research: Oral cancer and metabolomics

Summer Intern
Akhil Kumar
Email: ch1160096@chemical.iitd.ac.in
Phone: NULL
Research: Systems Biology
Prashant Govindarajan
Email: bs17b011@smail.iitm.ac.in
Phone: NULL
Research: RNAseq Data Analysis
Amit Kumar Singh
Email: amitsingh_17363@aitpune.edu.in
Phone: NULL
Research: RNAseq Data Analysis

M. Tech (Course Work)
Prashant Kumar Singh
Email: prashantks@iisc.ac.in
Phone: NULL
Research: Biomechanics