Pralay's Experience

Research Experience:
My current research interest and area of work is Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. However, I have worked in image processing and computer vision, theoretical computer science and in VLSI physical design.

Doctorate student at Supercomputer Education and Research Center, Indian Institute of Science
         Area of of research: Computational biology and bioinformatics        Duration: Aug, 2005 - Jul, 2010
         The understanding of protein-protein interactions was improved through design of algorithms for prediction of protein complex. I have developed methods to infer protein quaternary structure from crystal lattice and designed algorithm for protein-protein docking. Four web services were designed and implemented to share all my doctorate work with the scientific community (see Web servers). My advisor was Prof. Debnath Pal.

Graduate student at Department of Computer Science & Technology, Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur
         Area of of research: Theoretical computer science        Duration: Jan, 2003 - Jun, 2004
         I have studied the computational complexity of Interval Cut Problem and was involved in designing an approximation algorithm for length MOP-h and PTAS for cardinality MOP-h, for an arbitrary h. The work has been selected for Innovative Student Project Award by Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) in master dissertation category under Computer Science and Engineering discipline, 2005. My advisor was Prof. Alak Kumar Datta.

Undergraduate student at Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Calcutta
         Area of of research: VLSI physical design        Duration: Aug, 2001 - Dec, 2002
         During my undergraduation, I have designed heuristic for minimizing total wire length in two layer no-dogleg, restricted dogleg and in multi layer channel routing. Based upon, my work I have got several publications in international and national conferences. My advisor was Prof. Rajat Kumar Pal.

Professional Experience:
Senior Computer Science Engineer at Avisere Technology Pvt Ltd       (Jun, 2004 - Jul, 2005)
         Area of of research: Image processing and computer vision
         My job responsibilities were implementation of a feature based human tracking algorithm (in C++), designing of image library for in-house purpose, optimizing C/C++ code written by research team of the company for car tracking and human detection and creating packages and meta-packages (in Macintosh OS X). Our team was mentored by Dr. Tinku Acharya and Prof. A. K. Ray.

Guest Faculty in the Department of Information Technology at Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur) (Jan, 2003 - Jun, 2004).
         Courses taught: Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory, Microprocessor, Computer Architecture & Organization, Object Oriented Programming, Artificial Intelligence

Mentoring Experience:
At Indian Institute of Science (with Dr. Debnath Pal)
     [3] Topic: Exploring Protein Complex Interfaces and Decoys     (Summer, 2009)
           Supervised: Arvind Raghu (B.Tech., Department of Biomedical Engineering, Anna University)

     [2] Topic: Protein-Protein Interaction in Apoptosis Process     (Summer, 2006)
           Supervised: Riddhiman Dhar (Int. M.Tech., Department of Biotechnology, IIT, Kharagpur)

At Avisere Technology Pvt Ltd
     [1] Topic: A Feature Based Human Tracking Algorithm      (Summer, 2005)
           Supervised: Chandrajit Basu (M.Sc., Department of Physics, IIT, Kharagpur)

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