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14. Pralay Mitra, Debnath Pal
PRUNE and PROBE - two modular web services for protein-protein docking
Nucleic Acids Res. 39:W229-234, Jul 2011   |   FullText   |   PubMed   |   PRUNE   |   PROBE

13. Pralay Mitra, Debnath Pal
Combining Bayes classification and point group symmetry under Boolean framework for enhanced protein quaternary structure inference
Structure 19(3):304-312, Mar 2011   |   FullText   |   PubMed   |   IPAC
Among Top 10 Most Read Articles at Structure until April 2011

12. Pralay Mitra, Debnath Pal
Using correlated parameters for improved ranking of protein-protein docking decoys
J Comput Chem. 32(5):787-796, Apr 2011   |   FullText   |   PubMed   |   PROBE

11. Pralay Mitra, Debnath Pal
dockYard - a repository to assist modeling of protein-protein docking
J Mol Model. 17(3):599-606, Mar 2011   |   FullText   |   PubMed   |   dockYard

10. Pralay Mitra, Debnath Pal
New measures for estimating surface complementarity and packing at protein-protein interfaces
FEBS Lett. 584(6):1163-1168, Mar 2010   |   FullText   |   PubMed   |   NIP-NSc

9. Pralay Mitra, Riddhiman Dhar, Debnath Pal
Interface of apoptotic protein complexes has distinct properties
In Silico Biol. 9(5-6):365-378, Apr 2010   |   FullText (PDF)   |   FullText (HTML)

Conference Proceedings & Posters

8. Pralay Mitra, Debnath Pal
Protein-protein docking: simpler approaches for improved prediction
Presented at the International Conference on Mathematical Biology | Bangalore, India, Jul 04-07, 2011

7. Pralay Mitra
Identifying the nature of the interface in protein-protein complexes
In Proc. of International Symposium on Biocomputing (ISB 2010). Article No: 13, ACM Digital Library | Calicut, India, Feb 15-17, 2010

6. Pralay Mitra, Debnath Pal
Efficiently screening monomers of proteins using Naive Bayes classifier
Presented at the Eighth Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (APBC 2010), Poster ID: 74 | Bangalore, India, Jan 18-21, 2010

5. Riddhiman Dhar, Pralay Mitra, Debnath Pal
Protein-Protein Interaction in Apoptosis Process
In Proc. of International Conference on Bioinformatics (InCoB 2006), Paper ID: P287 | New Delhi, India, Dec 18-20, 2006

4. Nabin Ghoshal, Pralay Mitra, Rajat K. Pal
A Two- and Three- Layer Dogleg Channel Routing Algorithm for Minimizing Total Wire Length
In Proc. of International Conference on Computers and Devices for Communications (CODEC-04), Paper ID: CNA_0435_CO | Kolkata, India, Jan 1-3, 2004

3. Pralay Mitra, Nabin Ghoshal, Rajat K. Pal
A Graph Theoretic Approach to Minimize Total Wire Length in Channel Routing
In Proc. of 18th IEEE Region 10 International Conf on Computers, Communications, Control and Power Engineering (IEEE TENCON 2003), Vol. 1, pp 414-418 IEEE Xplore | Bangalore, India, Oct 15-17, 2003

2. Pralay Mitra, Nabin Ghoshal, Arijit Chatterji, Rajat K. Pal
TAH based Total Wire Length Minimization in Two-Layer Channel Routing
In Proc. of National Conference on Emerging Trends in VLSI Design and Testing (NCVDAT-03), pp 428-437 | Coimbatore, India, Feb 21-22, 2003

1. Pralay Mitra, Nabin Ghoshal, Rajat K. Pal
Total Wire Length Minimization in Channel Routing
In Proc. of Conference on Horizons of Telecommunication (HOT 2003), page 60 | Kolkata, India, Feb 3-5, 2003


Doctor of
Pralay Mitra
Algorithmic Approaches for Protein-Protein Docking and Quaternary Structure Inference
Advisor: Debnath Pal   |   Abstract
Reviewers: Joel Janin   |   Ramanathan Sowdhamini

Master of
Pralay Mitra
Map Assembly Problem
Advisor: Alak K. Datta  

Bachelor of
Pralay Mitra, Arijit Chatterji
High Performance Two Layer Channel Routing
Advisor: Rajat K. Pal

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